First BSc AGMS (Applied Golf Management Studies)
and MSc Sport Coaching (University of Birmingham)
graduate from Poland

Too many interests to list.

Golf-related: participation development, junior coaching, biomechanics,
coaching and education theories, sport pedagogy.

Eager to grow the game and help players reach their potential and enjoy golf more.

PGA of Poland Fully Qualified Golf Professional, Junior Golf Alliance "founder" Member, ASQ Level 2 Golf Coach, Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 1 certified, US Kids Golf Certified Coach.

Lifehacker and stoic.

Also interested in the world of technology, entrepreneurship, and Effective Altruism.

Edu Golf logo

Wojciech is the founder of Edu Golf, a golf academy focused on learning and development. Edu Golf builds comprehensive coaching programmes for players of all levels based on cutting-edge research., the academy's website created by Wojciech, includes a blog and a large number of instructional videos for Polish golfers.

At the moment Wojciech lives in Szczecin and is coaching at Binowo Park Golf Club, a golf course in Szczecin, Poland. logo is Wojciech's newest venture. It's a quest to learn more about coaching the beginner, the junior and the recreational golfer.

Not having been able to find appropriate CPD around this topic, Wojciech started his own learning journey, seeking out experts in the field, while publishing his learning on the blog and interviewing experts for the Participation Coaching Podcast.

Social media

Wojciech is very active on social media, and is often involved in discussions around golf with fellow coaches worldwide on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

You can find and connect with Wojciech on LinkedIn and Twitter.